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Want to be a GHS volunteer?

Click HERE to fill out our volunteer form.

We’re an all-volunteer organization and always looking for people to help with our activities. You pick what areas interest you and when you are available to help – an hour here and half day there. Below are some of the ways you can contribute your time and talent. If you’d like more information, give us a call at 371-9200 or email us at

Celebration of the Arts – These creative people plan the unique and popular July event that brings from 600-800 visitors to town to view the artwork of talented Georgetown artists. Skills and interests of all kinds are needed for this major event. We welcome all kinds of energy -- mental, physical, and artistic.

Community Programs – These volunteers plan, coordinate, and publicize our diverse monthly educational and cultural programs. We present special events throughout the year In addition to our usual third Tuesday night of the month events from April through October.

Finance – Someone has to keep track of the “bottom line” and these are the folks who, along with the Treasurer, plan and oversee the annual budget, recommend financial policies, and manage the Society’s investments. You don’t have to be a financial wizard to join this group but having an appreciation for getting good value for dollars spent is helpful.

Library and Museum – These folks have a BIG job because they help manage the archival materials, the collections, the research library, as well as the revolving exhibits that need to be created and installed during the year. Plus, they staff the library and assist those doing research, using the WiFi, and purchasing books and other items in our GHS store.

Membership – Ever wonder who puts those “Don’t Let Your Tide Go Out” stickers on your copy of The Georgetown Tide? This team of volunteers makes sure you don’t miss a single issue of your favorite bi-monthly journal. Membership dues are what fund most of the GHS operating budget and we’re always looking for new ways to get the word out that a GHS membership is a great value.

Research and Publications – Oral history interviews, historical research, and publication development, including managing The Georgetown Tide, are some of the things on this group’s agenda. Technology is changing and so is GHS as we incorporate new ways to make history (which is anything that happened before this moment!) come alive.

Click HERE to fill out our volunteer form.

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